Video Game Review: Haunting Ground

Yes I’m reblogging things now.
I recommend you all to read this fantastic review of the PS2 survival horror game; Haunting Ground. A very under appreciated game that really stands out against the norm of the survival horror genre.

Too Much Free Time

The survival horror genre seems to have subtly crept back into the mainstream. Recent releases like The Evil Within,Alien: Isolation and the frankly evil P.T. have proven to be top quality games that really deliver in the fear department. Two of the three make you defenceless and forever vulnerable to the dangers around you. Removing a safety net that gamers are used to is sure to provoke a reaction, usually one that involves the bowels and fresh trousers. We’re seeing less guns and more broom closets and this is a good thing. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that any game in which I find ammo round every corner isn’t very scary. I’m not going to fear a scary monster if I’m able to unload an entire clip of ammo into it’s face with little-to-no consequence, but I digress. With this new (if…

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