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On The Horizon – Kickstarter

Hey guys, this blog isn’t completely dead. It’s just in a written limbo during my work at Gamertime (which I recommend following if you want to keep up with my more recent game-related work.

Though there is something else, something I need your help with. You may know that as well as writing on here and at Gamertime, I also write screenplays and scripts, well one of those scripts is being turned into a short film. Only problem is that we need money to make this film the best it can be.

So we did what most would do in this situation and made a Kickstarter page for it. I’m not asking much, even if you could donate £1 to this project it will really help us. We have also created exciting perks for any of you who donate more including access to our previous work and also a sneak peek at the film once it is finished.

So please, check out the kickstarter page and if it is something you would be interested in helping us with, consider donating to the project.

Thank you very much, guys and girls. Every donation is a blessing.

Here is a link to the page:


So Long For Now – Blog Hiatus

Yep that’s right. I’m going to be taking a break from writing for Mind of MrGseff. When I return; I cannot say, though I will explain myself.

I started this blog almost 4 years ago simply because I enjoyed writing essays for Media Studies during my time in sixth form, I decided that I would start writing my opinion on things outside of school and start publishing them online, originally it was made to help those doing Media Studies in AS and A level media as a source that was reliable but not too academic to the point of being boring.

I like to think I succeeded in that.

As the years went on, I decided that writing was something I wanted to do as a full time job, this meant putting more work into this blog in order to increase my chances of writing what I like but on a more professional level where I could network with others.

I can tell you, I have succeeded at that too.

I started looking for voluntary writing jobs that could be considered professional writing jobs and one of the job posts that jumped out at me was one for a company called GamerTime. They only asked for a few articles a week and when speaking to the owner; he was very understanding of the fact I’m still a student with many other responsibilities meaning I can’t write every day. He also gave me the freedom to write about whatever I could think of that was interesting, including news and editorial pieces.

We spoke for an hour before he told me I could start, I was ecstatic about the news; drinks were had in celebration. Then I realised something; if I was going to write for GamerTime, write a dissertation on Stoytelling and Narrative in video games, write a script for a 30 minute film and also write a report for a Research & Development module, all whilst working part time as a bartender in a local pub; I would have to let something go, and I have decided that it would have to be this blog.

Though I won’t abandon this blog, it will still be available for all to read my articles of the past, and who knows; I may return to this blog after University to continue spreading my work all over the internet like some delicious Philadelphia cheese.

So for now, thank you for viewing all of the things I have written; both the good and the bad. If you need me, I will be at GamerTime doing my best rants and babbles there instead.

Click the link below for GamerTime goodness:

A Weird Kind of Rodeo: Up All Night – Money Making

Ok, this will be the last bit of shameless advertising for the Up All Night series, why? Because it’s the last episode of Up All Night… kinda.

I will do a blog post soon on my work at A Weird Kind of Rodeo and Up All Night, plans for the future and what we’ve done in the past. Once that post is done, I will go back to writing posts on general media and doing reviews on things. Basically what I did before we released Up All Night 2.

We’re releasing the Third Up All Night quickly after the second simply because we had a large backlog of videos that we made back in summer that have yet to be released, also we don’t want to release the new videos until we have released all of the old videos.


So for now, here’s the last of the Up All Night Trilogy, I’ll be back very soon with a proper article for you all to drool over.

Where the hell have I been all my life?!

I really need to write something new here… so lets start with why there hasn’t been anything new here. First of all I have multiple articles on My Computer that have been left half done, I would start an article, get into it, lose interest for a bit, put off coming back to finish it. When I find the time I will come back finish them and then they will appear on this site. I have been a bit busy lately as I am now doing A-levels which means I have to do lots of work in order to go to Uni in the hope I can do something in the media as a career in my future. This means I have less free time to write things that wont get me a good grade.

Luckily I am managing to stay on the ball this year so the assignments aren’t being left for the last minute and therefore hope to start writing again, first off by finishing the articles I have left and then to move on to new, more recent articles.