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Tales of a Drunk: Halloween In Uni

Halloween, like many holidays in the United Kingdom is a fantastic opportunity for people to dress as their favourite characters and drink until they can no longer see. So during my first year at University, I did just that.

I was invited to a house party by some people I barely knew. I decided to dress as Bane from the summer blockbuster; The Dark Knight Rises. It was an alright costume made on a small university student budget, but I received many compliments that I can’t remember. This story is why I cannot remember.

My friends and I had some drinks at our little student flat before stumbling through the bustling city and down the dodgy streets of Monks Road before reaching the house party. We walked through the door, introduced ourselves and our costumes to the other party goers before heading to kitchen to have a few more drinks.

A few hours into the party, I was starting to feel my vodka consumption once again hit me like an 18-wheeler. I was rather drunk, I stumbled around the party, danced with some strangers and partook in many cringeworthy Halloween selfies.

Suddenly two party goers come out of the kitchen carrying a 4-litre bottle, they claim they have created the most vile cocktail known to man, containing numerous spirits and beverages that no sane individual should ever consume together. I decided to have a few glasses and state to all around me that it was not as bad as everyone thought.

The next thing I know, I wake in my room the following afternoon with no recollection of what happened for the rest of that night. Apparently, I was dragged home by a friend, said hello to everyone who crossed our paths and tackled my friend into a puddle. There is a video of these events, I pray to God that the video is never shown to anybody ever.



A Weird Kind of Rodeo – Up All Night

Hey folks,

I thought I would take a break with the usual articles I make to advertise my other work (don’t hate me), this isn’t me selling out, its more for just getting more of my work to you; the viewer.

Before I went home for the summer, I filmed a 3 part internet series with my friends at “A Weird Kind of Rodeo”. The First episode (which can be viewed HERE) has been out for a few months and has had a few views and a positive response, so that’s always nice. Now I thought I would do a little post on here to celebrate the release of the second episode which signifies the start of the new year of University for us at AWKOR. So before I ramble on too much, here’s the new episode:

I’ll probably write an article later on in the year on my experiences with AWKOR, probably when it’s our 1 year anniversary (sometime in October).

Until then, I should have another article prepared for you by next week.